Chat, Email & Phone Support

Chat, Email & Phone Support | Customer Service Solutions | Lead Generation | CirTech Connect
Chat, Email & Phone Support | Customer Service Solutions | Lead Generation | CirTech Connect

Chat, Email & Phone Support

CirTech Connect provides high-quality, high-touch services for a wide range of clients throughout the U.S.

We understand how important every call, email and chat request is to your business and we promise to develop a program that meets your unique needs no matter your business. Our goal is to surpass basic customer satisfaction with ongoing training on communication etiquette, conflict resolution as well as time management skills. The end result is a customer experience which leads to increased sales and a higher per-customer value returned to the client’s bottom line.

Chat, Email & Phone Support Services Offered:

Integrated Voice Response: Our expertise will guide you and your customers with an automated voice method and implementation which will minimize customer frustration and prioritize critical issues efficiently. We work closely with you to develop a customized IVR solution which meets your specific business requirements with the objective of 3% maximum call abandonment.

Chat: We provide customers with real-time interactions with experienced agents via a secure text chat and message environment.

Phone: We offer the coverage you need, whether you are looking for dedicated or shared agents, overflow or full service. Contacts are tailored to specific business requirements to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Answer Rate – 80% in 20 seconds or less
  • Abandonment Rate – Less than 3% of Total Calls
  • Stop Saves – 40% or more of all stops
  • Quality Assurance – 90% or better

Order/Service Verification: An initial purchase or the inception of member services and NEW ORDER VERIFICATION calls can be critical to the return on new customer investment and to maximize customer lifetime value. Utilization of a cost-efficient pre-recorded messages or live agent calls will provide for a long and profitable relationship and truly put the “best foot forward”.

Email Management: We reply to customer email inquiries with a personalized follow up email message in upsell campaigns. This provides customers or prospects with links to additional information or further sales options.

Direct Response: A phone or digital connection for customers, responding from cross or upsell campaigns initiated by email or direct mail campaigns, is a must.

Credit Card Expire / Decline: Communication with those customers whose payment information has expired and will not process will be professional and courteous.